About Alicia Bertine and the Campaign


I’m Alicia Bertine, a pancreatic cancer survivor seeking to help individuals actualize their inner strength and outer beauty.I love to act, model, sing, dance and be inspired. I also hope to inspire others to better health,
joy and beauty.

My Story

In April 2008, at the age of 23, I was diagnosed with ampullary, duodenal into pancreatic cancer. After a radical Whipple Surgery and extreme chemo, I beat the cancer, and have since beaten it in two more recurrences with more surgery, chemo, radiation, experimental treatments, and more. My battle against cancer thus far has included treatment from doctors and facilities from Drs. Casey and Lau (of UMC, Las Vegas), to Dr. Hough (Hematology/Oncology, Largo, Florida), and the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, with additional treatments at 21st Century Oncology (Jacksonville, FL).

My cancer battle has helped me to discover my inner activist. I have been grateful to receive inspiration and support from family, friends, and the community around me – people like you — at each recurrence, and their support and my own unshakeable faith in God have helped me to keep going, and have also driven me to do my best to support others in their own battles.

Changing My Definition of Beauty


Every person’s cancer story is different. As a model, one of the hardest things about cancer at first was the loss of my long hair. But the more I survived, the more I realized how unimportant it really was. So I didn’t just overcome my hair loss,I embraced it. Even in between recurrences and more chemo (I’m just finishing up another chemotherapy regimen now), I stopped worrying about my hair regrowth and just kept it shaven, while continuing to model and speak publicly. This way, I don’t go through fresh hair loss with each recurrence, and it has become my badge of honor in my fight.

I have continued to battle pancreatic cancer recurrences for the past four years, using medicine (chemo, surgery, radiation and more), as well as faith and unfailing positivity. I am now speaking publicly to raise awareness for symptoms of pancreatic cancer (an often silent killer), launching the “BE” campaign you see across this site in order to encourage others to BE (proactive about their health, positve about their lives, and to celebrate their own unique beauty). I am also working on a memoir about my experiences that will be available in the Winter of 2012.

Charities, Activities and Interests


I’ve been in the performing arts since I was five years old, and have always loved to act, sing, dance, and model.
Over the last year and a half, I’ve rededicated myself to those dreams, and have done commercials for St. Vincent’s Hospital, Channel 4 News, Dicks Sporting Goods, Island Girl Cigar Bar and More! I’m currently focused on my activities as a speaker, actress, and as a commercial/print model.

I’m currently the spokesperson for a few different charities, and am making appearances as a public speaker from Florida and beyond to galvanize others into embracing healthier, happier lives despite illness, loss or financial status.Please contact my Agents for rates and bookings!

I’m also a Skincare Specialist with Artistry Skincare, a Miss America favorite — please contact me via email if you
have questions or would like to sample this fantastic line of products. In addition I’m also a Vitamin and Supplement Specialist through Nutrilite and XS Energy. Again, please contact me via email if you have questions or would like product samples.

Come Along with Me

The most important lesson cancer teaches you is to embrace your life and joy and to do it NOW. I always focus on the positive and believe that what your mind can conceive, you can achieve! What you think about, you bring about, so always keep those thoughts positive! I’m also living proof that you can continue to thrive, work out, and stay strong even through chemo. This site is my way of connecting with others, and I’m delighted to have you along on this journey with me.

And keep in touch! I’m constantly doing 100 things at once (as you see) and stay as busy as possible, so please give me 48 hours to respond to any queries, messages or e-mails.

Meanwhile, as Dexter Yager once said: “Don’t ever let anyone steal your dream.”

It’s great to meet you. Let’s change the world!



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